Does Goodwill Take Dining Chairs?


Goodwill accepts donations of gently used items in good condition. However beginning November 1 2021 Goodwill will no longer accept donations of furniture or large exercise equipment. Therefore it is unclear whether Goodwill will accept dining chairs.

However some Goodwill locations may still accept furniture that is in good condition including chairs. It is best to check with your local Goodwill store to see if they accept dining chairs as a donation.

What are the specific criteria or conditions that Goodwill considers when accepting dining chairs as donations?

For instance do they accept chairs of any material style or condition?

Goodwill’s criteria for accepting dining chairs as donations may vary depending on the location.

However based on the search results it seems that Goodwill generally does not accept furniture donations including dining chairs.

Goodwill’s donation guidelines state that they accept gently used items in good condition that are clean safe and resaleable.

However as of November 1 2021 Goodwill no longer accepts furniture or large exercise equipment.

This includes dining chairs.

It’s important to note that donation acceptance policies may vary by region and individual Goodwill locations.

Therefore it is recommended to check with your local Goodwill organization for specific guidelines regarding dining chair donations.

Are there any other donation centers or charitable organizations that accept dining chairs if Goodwill doesn’t?

It would be helpful to know alternative options for donating these items.

If Goodwill does not accept dining chairs there are several other charitable organizations that may accept them.

Here are some options:

  1. Habitat for Humanity ReStore: Most Habitat ReStores accept furniture donations including dining chairs. You can enter your ZIP code on their website to find the store nearest you and see if they offer pickup services.
  2. With Causes Charitable Network: With Causes accepts furniture donations in California and you can schedule a pickup online or call their toll-free number.
  3. The Salvation Army: The Salvation Army accepts gently used furniture including dining chairs at their thrift stores. You can schedule a free donation pickup or find a donation drop-off location on their website.
  4. Donation Town: Donation Town is a database service that connects you with local charities that offer free pickup services. They accept a wider variety of items such as household goods and electronics making it a convenient option if you have a bulk donation after decluttering or downsizing or simply lack transportation or time.

It’s important to note that the list of accepted donations may vary by location so it’s best to check with the organization first to see if they can accept your specific items.

How can I prepare the dining chairs for donation?

Are there any cleaning or packaging guidelines I should follow to ensure the chairs are in acceptable condition for donation?

Here are some general guidelines for preparing dining chairs for donation:

  1. Clean the chairs: Make sure the chairs are clean and free of any dirt or debris. Some organizations may turn away items that are not clean. A simple wash or wipe-down is generally all you need.
  2. Check for imperfections: Assess your furniture pieces and take note of any and all imperfections even if you think they are minor. Make sure you address these blemishes before donating the chairs.
  3. Gather all the pieces: If you are donating an item that contains several pieces label and secure them with your donation. Labeling pieces and putting them in plastic bags can be helpful. If your item is larger consider including the dimensions or weight too.
  4. Contact the organization: Some organizations may have specific acceptance requirements for certain types of furniture. For example some may not accept upholstered or partially-upholstered chairs. Contact the organization beforehand to ensure that your chairs meet their requirements.
  5. Packaging: Some organizations may require that the chairs be disassembled or packaged in a certain way. Contact the organization beforehand to see if there are any specific packaging guidelines you should follow.

Remember that different organizations may have different guidelines for accepting donations so it’s always a good idea to contact them beforehand to ensure that your chairs meet their requirements.